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Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Obesity And Endometrial Cancer?

Excess amount of fat cells in your body convert Androgens to Estrogens and that leads proliferation o.

We have seen that in modernization people are becoming lazy as they eat fatty foods and keep their body in static position which resulted in various kind of diseases occurred in body and ultimately transform to cancer like obesity and endrometrical .

As we know that fats are those substances which are required to keep our body healthy. If you are consuming more fat then it leads to obesity. It affects our health badly and high intake of fat is also responsible for cancer like obesity and endrometrical cancer which creates a problem in our daily cycle. For this we should be careful while eating fat in large quantity. But we have seen that there are some fatty substances like polyunsaturated fat,monounsaturated fat which when take in less excess amount is beneficial for us.

It is seen that a disorder is found at the reproductive age due to the excess of androgen which can badly affect our tissue and organs of the body. So ultimately a women suffers because of increasing of estrogen levels due to the fat deposited in a body. Then to remove the fat from the body the following points are:

  • Exercise alone not only is the solution for removal of fat.
  • A low fat diet should be follow by the person so that it could restrict the heart diseases and control the cholesterol in it.
  • It is very obvious that Vegetables are rich in fiber. So initiate with vegetables soup that provide nutrient to your body.
  • Consuming more green leafy vegetables is fruitful for us.

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