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Looking beautiful is not luck, its a decision enhance your beauty and get overall new appearance with Cosmetic Surgery.

Face Surgery
Body Suregry
Breast Surgery
Skin Treatment
Hair Transplant
Laser Treatment
Laser Hair Removal
Liposuction & Fat Injection
Face Surgery

Renew a more youthful facial appearance by lifting away wrinkled and loose skin from your forehead to your neck.

2.Brow Lift
3.Face Lift
5.Nose Surgery
7.Chin And Cheek Augmentation
8.Scar Removal
9.Cleft, Lip &Nose Deformity
10.Dimple Creation
11.Facial Sculpting
12.Contour Threads

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Body Suregry

At Nubello, we perform body contouring surgery accurate to remove fat deposits on various parts of the body.

1. Liposuction
2. Mega-Liposuction
3. Tummy Tuck
4. Arm Lift
5. Thigh Lift
6. Butt Augmentation
7. Contouring After Weight Loss
8. Implants For Body Contouring
9. Body Etching

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Breast Surgery

Breast surgery in Mumbai at the Nubello effectively resolve common concerns many women have about their breasts.
Breast Surgery Services at Nubello are-

1. Breast Augmentation
2. Breast Augmentation-Without Implants
3. Breast Reduction
4. Breast Lift
5. Key Hole Breast Reduction
6. Male Breast Reduction

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Skin Treatment

Skin care Treatment at Nubello resurface your skin, or to improve the lineament, clearness and overall appearance of your skin. Nubello Skin Treatment services are-

2. Laser hair Treatment
3. Vampire/ Dracula Facelift
4. Dark Circles
5. Medical Facial
6. Hyperhidrosis
7. Stretch Marks
9.Chemical Peels

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Hair Transplant

Unique in the field of hair restoration, given his extensive plastic surgery ground, Nubello is able to combine these two disciplines and make truly natural appearing outcome when restoring hair for his patients.

1.Female Hair Transplant
2.FUE Hair Transplant
3.Hair Loss Treatment
4.Eyebrow Hair Transplant

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Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment is Quick, simple and noninvasive technology works wonderfully on any part of the body. This is very precise and not affect surrounding areas. The result of laser treatment is long lasting and permanent in most of the cases.

Laser Treatment used mainly for:

1. Tattoo removal- Laser tattoo removal is an advanced treatment designed to completely eliminate tattoos without leave scars or unpigmented areas of skin behind.

2. Laser Hair Removal- Laser hair removal is best method to remove unwanted hairs temporary or permanently. It remarkably replaced painful and inconvenient methods of removing hair. Laser hair removal saves a lot of time with minimal pain making skin smooth and unblemished.

3. Laser photo Rejuvenation: Photo rejuvenation is used to improve skin texture, wrinkles, scars and fine lines.

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal: We all shiver at the thought of unwanted hair. Don’t we all hate the hassles we women & now men too go through to get rid of unwanted hair? If technology has changed our lives in nearly all aspects, then why should hair-removal be left out. Let’s find out if it is better to stick to waxing, shaving, epilating, threading or applying hair removal creams, or is it time that we moved on to laser hair reduction.
Laser Intense pulsed light systems : With  3rd generation Laser Intense pulsed light systems  Nubello offer best laser hair removal techniques  Pain Free, Also helps getting smooth and soft skin and remove hair from root permanently
Get Laser treatment which is less expensive than waxing in long run…and flaunt skin with confidence !!
Laser hair removal is applied on:- 


  • A) Under Arms
  • B) Legs
  • C) Facial Hair
  • D) Arms
  • E) Body Hair
  • F) Bikini Line

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Liposuction & Fat Injection

Trying to get rid of excess fat that collect on the areas of the body can be a long process. Often, diet chart and exercise on their own are just not enough to the task some times . In such cases, many people who want to achieve more aesthetically pleasing body outline turn to this process, which has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery techniques

Fat Injection (Non- Surgical treatment)

  • Removal of deep facial wrinkles and creases.
  • Adding plumpness to creased and sunken areas.
  • Giving volume and fullness to lips and cheeks.
  • Creating improved facial balance.
  • Boosts one’s self confidence and self-esteem.
  • Gives a youthful appearance.
  • Instant results.
  • No surgery or incisions.

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A Rhinoplasty or a nose job is one of the most commonly sought cosmetic surgery procedure to reshape or resize your nose. People today want their nose to be in perfect shape, neither too pointed nor too long, neither too short, nor too round .If you are dreaming of perfectly shaped nose than yes Rhinoplasty procedure can help you to achieve that beauty .Rhinoplasty can likewise help in correcting certain breathing issues. Rhinoplasty also helps in improving more fearlessness and certainty in one’s by keeping the whole look of the person who experiences Rhinoplasty.
Nubello Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery Center is a critically-acclaimed center whose work in the area of Rhinoplasty is being talked about far and wide

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*Disclaimer: Plastic and cosmetic surgery is depends on person to person and their skin type, medical & health condition

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  • author-22

    "I went to nubello for Anti Aging. He genuinely concentrate to what I wanted and what I did not want. Results are great! I look younger and fresher but I still have full expression in my face, which is very essential in my work. My forehead even feels finer and I also appear to have slight tension headaches. I took a look at Nubello before and after photos for facelifts. This doctor is amazing !!!! I likely will go with a facelift next. "

    Disclaimer*:- Cosmetic surgery result depends on each individual person's condition

  • testi_user

    "As a woman I was very worried with my hair loss, so I decided to take some action. The staffs during the process were great and talked through the procedure once I was awake. Overall I was amazed how recovered everything looked right away. Later 6 months my hair had less hair loss and after 1 year my hair seems great not only on the area of hair graft but on the full head. I am very amused with the final effect and follow up. "

    Disclaimer*:- Cosmetic surgery result depends on each individual person's condition